In the refuge we offer breakfast and lunch service, with pintxos and mixed dishes,

food available from the menu, and dinners with a closed menu (mountain refuge style, prior reservation required).

Federated Non-federated
Dinner menu 12,00 € 13,00 €
Breakfast 7,00 € 8,00 €
Picnic 10,00 € 11,00 €
Restaurant According to the offered menu
Dinner menu – 12,00 €
Breakfast – 7,00 €
Picnic – 10,00 €
Dinner menu – 13,00 €
Breakfast – 8,00 €
Picnic – 11,00 €
Restaurant – According to the offered menu

A service committed to the environment.

We reject the use of paper tablecloths

in restaurant service.

We only use returnable containers,

we do not have disposable containers or plastic straws and we use table accessories (jars, dressings…) made of non plastic materials.

We avoid the use of single-dose containers,

of sweeteners, coffee, sauces … (within the limits of the legislation).

We minimize our carbon footprint

by working with food suppliers in local markets. This way, we try to have regional or national products and are able to work as much as possible with seasonal products.

We want to promote a healthy and quality diet

so we will avoid industrial bakery and mega-processed products. Instead we are betting on the artisan and fair trade line in products such as coffee and sugar.

With the raw remains of the kitchen we will make compost

to use it later as a natural fertilizer in the garden areas. By doing so, we reuse food that would otherwise become garbage.