ECO Operation

ECO Operation


The use of cleaning products that affect the environment as little as possible which must be harmless and ecological hence disposing of bleach and ammonia.


We want to reduce disposable single-use products and plastic products to a minimum.
We also believe it is important to minimize the refuge’s carbon footprint thus we work with food suppliers in local markets.
We want to promote a healthy diet with quality products.


Building and Energy

Electricity is produced in the refuge for its own consumption by means of solar panel installation and a turbine.

The heating system aims at thermal comfort. The heating system is organized in 3 axes:

    1. The main spaces of the shelter facing south have large windows and brick slabs which accumulate heat and radiate it when the sun goes down.
    2. A heating by biomass through ceramic stoves of accumulation, in concrete two stoves in the ground floor. The heat generated on the ground floor rises by convection to the upper floors. 
    3.  Spaces facing the north may need some support system on colder winter days hence they are equipped with radiators.

For ventilation, a mechanical ventilation system has been designed to ensure air renewal and quality. It also works to recover heat from the air inside the building avoiding heat losses associated with the use of windows.