Meet our team

A group of professionals and mountain lovers make up the team in charge of the refuge’s maintenance. Here you have a small summary of their personal and professional history but if you want to know more don’t hesitate to visit us to get to know us better.


Mountain refuge warden by profession (5 years in Góriz, 2 years in Bujaruelo and 12 years in Pineta) with a total of 23 years forming a team with other people and developing projects in a natural mountain environment. Besides my work in mountain refuges, I have also developed myself in the field of bio-construction , publications and pedagogy. I have been living in Navarre for 11 years, getting to know, experimenting and becoming fond of its mountains. I feel very motivated by this project due to its educational and environmental content. As a regular mountaineer in the Pyrenees with extensive experience in many of its disciplines, I have developed a philosophy based on respect, tolerance, enjoyment, solidarity and connection with nature.


My roots are intertwined between the oaks and the granite of the Sierra de Guadarrama. There, I had my first contacts with nature and the mountains where I learned to take care of them and enjoy them with my family. Interested by the social and environmental issues I studied Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. I combined my studies by working as a leisure and free time monitor in summer camps, extracurricular activities and multi adventure.
In 2017 I wanted to focus my path towards other places and I decided to train as a Sports Technician in Medium Mountain and Alpine Skiing. That summer I worked at the Pineta Refuge, the company and the stars in the night sky were a gift I will always remember. There, a spark was lit that now became a fire which is being able to share Bealgua’s dream with my team and all the people who come back to the refuge.


Mountain lover and a lover of the Pyrenees. With an open, jovial and friendly character I have more than 20 years of experience in the natural environment. Nature saw me being born and growing up. For 15 years I have developed my professional activity at the Camping Pineta performing tasks from all departments (management, personal management, construction, facility maintenance…) and I have combined these activities since 2016 with my great passion : to make known the natural environment I live in.
To do so, I trained as a Sports Technician in the Middle Mountain and undertook one of my great adventures, the creation of Pineta Experiences to offer the possibility of sharing the mountain as a medium where fauna, flora and geology create an unparalleled harmony.
I arrive at the Belagua Refuge with all my passion to make this place an unforgettable experience.