Route of the Swallows

The Belagua Refuge is part of the three circuits in the Swallow Route hence is a place to rest and spend the night in one of the stages of this historical journey through the Western Pyrenees.

The Ruta de las Golondrinas remains the history and the paths of the roncalesas, ansotanas and salacenas women, in their migration in the beginnig of the XX century, in search of work in the frecnh side of the Pyrenees.

It consists in a mountain journey that seeks remeber the migration of these women and go on across the heart of an unic natural landscape.

A path that connect the past and the future, this is La Ruta de las Golondrinas, a journey that begins when ever you want.

It is a tour in 3, 4 o 5 stages crossing the only lasncape of Larra.

Through Belagua, Linza, Lescún, Bearn y Zuberoa, their Woods, valleys and peaks.